Reach Far and Wide

My last blog post about geriatric consulting is one to reference in a less more formal call to action. Within the next month I will be doing research as to the plausibility of completing the circle of mental health care for elderly in long-term care facilities. I seek to obtain the perspective of every person effected by this gap in care. I wish to obtain the insight of nursing professionals, family members of residents, Certified Nurse’s Aide’s, and I will be speaking to long-term care facility administrators to present them the opportunity to provide services such as these to their residents.

A quick recap for those that have not been made aware; the mental health treatment of the elderly in long-term care facilities is provided at the suggestion of the overstaffed nurses to the psychiatrist/physician rather than a psychiatrist with a specific plan of action for progress including regular counseling which is a part of every treatment plan for adults under the care of a psychiatrist. In my three years as a CNA, working in four different facilities, not once did I ever see a psychiatrist personally evaluate a patient. Not once did I see a therapist/counselor come to the facility for an appointment for a patient, neither did I see a resident/patient transported away from the facility for this service. We have to ask why is there such a gap in the circle of mental health care for the elderly, and what can we do to remedy this?

I plan to work with psychiatrists and nursing home professionals to provide complete mental health care to residents/patients of long-term care facilities with one-on-one appointments. My goal being to provide educated evaluations to provide to the individual’s psychiatrist, as well as an opportunity for personal therapy which is sorely lacking for residents/patients no longer in their homes, under conditions they have very little control over, and potentially very little family near or available to be there when needed. I want to be that person to make the difference. For scheduled appointments, regular appointments, emergency appointments, or anything else that comes up to potentially be beneficial.

Please take the few seconds to share this information on any source you possibly can. It could literally change and potentially lengthen the lives of elderly loved ones. Link to my original business proposal below. Thank you!!



This is a subject in which I have absolutely no idea where to begin, but I still feel it’s important to address and be open about. Too many people suffer in silence and it’s just not necessary. This stigma on mental illnesses seriously needs to end. Yesterday.

My favorite is when people claim anxiety wasn’t a problem 100 years ago, and that people just “got over it”. Because what happened behind closed doors stayed behind closed doors, and that is why we have so many adults that aren’t able to function as successful members of society and the children they raised that are now shooting up schools primarily due to untreated mental illness. And I am one of them that simply is not able to function as a productive human at this time, no matter how hard I try.

This is not the time to re-live the past or the reasons I developed this awful condition. It literally affects every single aspect of my day. Every thought running through my head is laced with a touch of anxiety; meaning there is always the potential for something to go wrong and my brain has to process every single potential reality at all times. Every single time I get into my car I have to check the backseat and trunk. Then I have to check all around me before hopping in the car and locking it immediately. This may be more appropriate behavior when in a parking lot late at night, but I have to do this every single time I get into my car; even if it’s in my locked garage. There’s no real reason, except the anxiety.

I spend a lot of time in my house alone which is not beneficial to my mental health AT ALL. There are always odd noises that bother me enough without the dogs barking at every single noise as well. I have to check my windows and doors multiple times to make sure they are all locked; even if I only checked them the hour before and nothing had changed. I just don’t remember the last time I felt truly safe in my environment. And I have medications that are supposed to help with these things, but just another case where the pharmeceuticals are just keeping me in this condition in order to make more money.

I believe the worst anxiety is when I can’t initially recognize it. Over the years I have been fairly suggessful in acknowledging when the anxiety is starting to take over and to start taking measures to prevent it. I always start with meditation, deep breathing, essential oils, and other measures. But they might work 35% of the time. So, I’ll be restless with an increased heart rate. I’ll become manic and speaking really fast, and the irritability causes the most issues. It is at this point where I can generally acknowledge the anxiety…it just depends on the level. Whether it turns into a panic attack or not.

Now onto what anxiety can look like…the worst I ever experienced as a panic attack was when I had to lock myself in the trunk of my car with the keys because it was the only place where I could feel safe. Small dark places, like my closet and under the bed, are my go-to’s  when I just need a place to feel safe. Reading used to be of help when I was younger, or being outdoors. But now being out of my house causes more anxiety than anything else. The idea of people’s eyes on me is simply unbearable. It doesn’t help that I’m not necessarily entirely awful to look at, so I wear baggy and dark clothes to try to blend in and not be seen.

Other times it is the separation anxiety that scares me the most. The world is a dangerous place as my brain reminds me frequently, and any person could die at any time. Every time a loved one steps out of my door I feel my heart tearing. It’s not that I hear voices per say, but my brain regularly tells me the worst case scenario that could ever possibly occur at any time. Just my significant other backing out of the driveway worries me that someone could be coming down the road and side-swipe him. I’ve never experienced a love where I was terrified to the core of my soul and being that something might happen to them. The worst part is that I don’t even feel this way about my biological family. After everything that has happened…..I just don’t care. And that is an awful thing to say or even think.

I could write a book. And I’ve honestly thought about it. Similar to “The Child Called It” type lifestyle. There is so much more to write on this topic, but I would much rather hear from others about what they experience and what they do to aide the daily anxiety. Can comment on this or contact me through the site itself. I just want to live in a world where none of us have to deal with this debilitating mental illness.

So I have this idea…

I have an idea in which my significant other believes is a plan to retire on rather than to try to implement in the here and now. I have been studying Buddhism. There are many different interpretations, but the most significant point is that there is not one single deity that is meant to be feared and respected in a way that causes us to follow them in any type of fashion or to follow direction or orders. Buddhism is all-inclusive for every single human, and it is not the “religion” so many people assume it to be. Regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, disability, or anything else that makes you “different” from the “normal” that society has established. It is focused on the NOW and connecting to the energy that is within everything.

Meditating clearly a huge part of Buddhism. Though, until you truly study meditation how can you possibly know it’s immense benefits? Most people (particularly millennials) have a difficult time achieving true meditation. This simply involves clearing your mind of every single thought and just experiencing your senses and the energy that surrounds us at all times. I can’t speak for anyone else, but this sounds like a simple task yet is truly not. I have been trying for weeks and have only reached it once and was so surprised that I bounced right back out of it.

It is so very important to release the troubles and struggles of our days if only for 15 minutes. After that point, there are so many other possibilities. I would love to speak with someone further in regard to meditation practices. This is not yet in my reach, and I have more research to do. But this is only the back story of my big idea!

I want to find a place (temple/facility) in which any human will be able to come for help without any possible fear. I want the basis and the stronghold to be in Buddhism and inclusiveness, but I also want to be able to use my Associate’s degree in Psychology to include consulting such as crisis management. I want people who are afraid of hospitals, or the police, or any other repercussions due to an acute or crisis event to be able to come to this place for assistance. I hope to be able to provide them all of the resources they need to properly address the issue and to assist them through the anguish in order to move forward in life. This could also include assistance within the community and connecting to resources as well.

I have no idea how this could potentially happen as I would have to find the location and the money, but as soon as I discovered Buddhism I knew I had to connect it to my goal of being some type of crisis counselor/consultant. Perhaps I will continue my degree in order to assist our organization even further. Either way, I do not feel as if this is an entirely unreasonable or irrational goal. I just want to help people, and I am absolutely certain that this is an excellent way for me to do this.

Regardless of the fact that I would be my own boss, be able to bring my pets to work every day, have the accommodations to deal with the daily pain, and to just help people to deal with the horrible events and experiences that life throws our way. I have started applying for grants. Which is great because now I’m not just researching Buddhism wasting time on my homework, I’m now researching donors and such that might potentially help me to make this happen. I have an eight-page paper due tomorrow that I ended up getting an extension on, apparently, to be able to spread the word on this.

I’ve never understood when someone said they had a “calling”. This has to be mine. Which in this life usually means it is going to be taken away from me because it makes me happy, so I hope you guys have some suggestions in which to implement my strategy better.

Peace, love, and good vibes as always ❤