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I have identified a need in the geriatric mental health field. I have a strong desire and passion to help remedy the wrong. Our elderly are not being provided appropriate mental health care. I have an Associate’s degree in psychology and over three years of experience as a CNA. I am also still in school planning to obtain my Bachelor’s and masters in psychology with a focus in geriatrics. Though, school takes an extended period of time, and I want to make a difference now. Some say I’m not qualified to fill a role such as this. I would like to clarify that I do not wish to diagnose, prescribe or even suggest medications, and in no way would I be making any decisions about anyone’s health.

If psychiatrists are not going to personally evaluate a geriatric patient’s mental health needs, then let me work as an educated consultant to provide a detailed report in order for you (the psychiatrist) to make the most educated and informed decisions. I am not trying to take away the credibility of a nurse’s evaluation, but when they statistically spend less than five minutes one-on-one with each resident each day, generally because of being short staffed, how can an appropriate evaluation truly be made? Please leave me your feedback.


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I have lived with chronic pain for all of my life and I know I am not the only one. It literally affects every singly thing I do some days and makes some impossible. I'd love a space to share with people about their experiences as well :)

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