Geriatric Counseling/Therapy

I would like to address the lack of proper mental health procedure with geriatric patients. Adults that regularly see a psychiatrist are advised at every appointment to see a therapist/counselor. It is a core component of mental rehabilitation. Why is this not available to elderly in long-term care facilities when they are in fact taking medication for anxiety/depression? Wouldn’t someone ripped from their home, isolated from their family, in an entirely new environment that they have very little control over potentially be anxious or depressed? These people need someone to talk to on a regular basis because not all of them have family readily available. And to be able to use this time with them as a time to assess what their true needs are to pass along to their psychiatrist. By someone who cares enough to get to know them as a human.


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I have lived with chronic pain for all of my life and I know I am not the only one. It literally affects every singly thing I do some days and makes some impossible. I'd love a space to share with people about their experiences as well :)

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